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Weddings, Mitzvahs, Corporate Receptions, Graduations, Galas, Birthday Parties, Concerts, Fundraisers, Auctions, Movie/Book/Clothing/Cosmetic Product Launches, Intimate Dinner Parties, Screenings, Photo Shoots, Cocktail Parties


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FRAMBOISE is an up-scale, on- and off-premise caterer that has been at the forefront of New York’s competitive special events market since 1981. FRAMBOISE has been providing a unique culinary experience while bringing each client’s vision to life.

Featuring delectable restaurant-quality food, FRAMBOISE’s professionally trained staff tailors memorable special events in both on- and off-premise settings. From intimate dinner parties to large scale corporate and social events, FRAMBOISE is positioned to handle events of virtually any size and scope. Each event is “crafted” to provide a unique and memorable experience for every client we serve. First and foremost, we are CATERERS, which means our emphasis is on high quality, precisely prepared and beautifully presented, delicious food.

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How much will my event cost? Why do you want to know my budget? Why are you so nosey?

Every catered event is different and requires a detailed review to determine the correct outline to fulfill the requests of the client as well as the requirements of efficiency and standards from the on-site Framboise team. Although there is no standardized pricing, we do our best to pre-estimate costs for our clients, discuss their expectations on budgets, and collaborate to find the most appropriate manner to provide a successful event. Generally speaking, however, the sky is the limit… So if we don't have a budget in mind we won't know where we have limitations and are unable to provide educated suggestions to our clients.

Do you have menus posted on your site? I just want to order from the corporate menu for my Christmas dinner.

Our website includes a copy of our Corporate Delivery Menu only. This menu is reserved for our Corporate Clients only. All menus for Private Clients; albeit for catered events or deliveries are custom designed and priced based on detailed conversations with the client.

May I hire your staff to serve food from a different caterer? May I use my own servers/bartenders?

Framboise invests quite a bit of time & money training our staff to ensure that our clients are provided with the best possible service level and enhancing the brand of Framboise. We do not provide staffing in the New York Metro Area for events catered by other companies. But if you just need staff for butlering, we’d be happy to accommodate.

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